School Visits

Stephen Parlato’s acclaimed school visits differ in several important ways from most other visiting authors. Mr. Parlato works with the entire student body over the course of 2 full days in the shared creation of up to 40 large collages on foam boards.

These 30 x 40-inch collages are finished and signed by both Mr. Parlato and the students. The completed collages are then framed under Plexiglas to be put on display in the school or auctioned off at a school auction to raise funds for future school art projects.

Mr. Parlato has also developed a Collage Workshop Guide for schools in which an Author’s Visit is impractical. The guide allows instructors to organize and hold their own collage workshops. This package includes a choice of drawings by Mr. Parlato developed especially for the workshop and signed certificates to affix to the finished art. The signed certificates document the collages as a collaborative effort between the artist, teachers and students.

Visit to Riderwood Elementary.

Video courtesy of The Education Channel.

Here’s what the schools say.

From the Head of Lower School at McDonogh

“Some of the most magnificent artwork I have ever seen done by LS students is currently on display in Elderkin Hall’s front lobby!

You‘ve got to see this stuff!

There are 16 collages created by our fourth grade class of 2015 which were made with the direction of artist Stephen Parlato who worked with the children all day yesterday.

These are NOT your standard elementary school collages!!! The artist describes them as “visual puns with a double identity of forms.” Stephen drew large outlines of eagles, crabs, a unicorn, turtles, dolphins, sharks, a dragon, etc. The children then filled in the drawings with bits of cut paper that followed a theme…..the unicorn is filled with pictures of things that bring “good luck,” an eagle contains pictures of children in one homeroom.

They are nothing short of amazing!!!

My sincere thanks go to Joan Newcomer and the fourth grade team of Wendy Reed, Patrice Preston, George Webb, and Craig Whiteford for arranging this unforgettable experience and supporting the children as they created these

… yes… masterpieces!

Please come take a look!!

PS. Many of the 16 collages will be raffled on our Adventure With the Arts Day on April 13th, proceeds going to McDonogh #26.”

Candice, Art Teacher
Riderwood Elementary School

“Thanks again for coming to the auction. Everyone was so pleased to have you back at Riderwood. It was so nice of you to spend time talking with parents and students—even taking photographs with them. I sincerely appreciate the effort you made to attend.

The amazing collages raised $4000 for art, music, and the library! That’s a great amount of cash that’s ours to spend anyway we’d like!”

Recommended books from PBS Teachers

The World That Loved Books
By Stephen Parlato
Published June 2009
Grades: PreK-2; 3-5
Subjects: Reading & Language Arts

Once there was a world in which all creatures loved to read so much that a man reading a book about flowers became flowers and a horse reading about snakes and lizards became snakes and lizards. Parlato has created strange and wonderful collage portraits in the manner of 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. This would be a good starter for a unit on collage or portraiture.